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You Can Heal Feline UTI With Natural Foods

Feline UTIs are cat diseases that are distressing and painful, but are at the same time preventable and treatable. Look at the feline urinary tract infection problem at a deeper level, and you will discover that the cause is most often the food your cat eats. You can cure urinary infections quite easily with prescription antibiotics to clear out the bacteria that cause it, and prevent them by a change in diet.

Carnivorous by nature, cats must have meat in their diet to stay healthy. A feral cat subsists on small meals of raw meat that he gets from killing small prey like rats and moles. Most commercial pet foods contain only meat by products and carbohydrates.

The latter are simply not digested by their bodies and are positively unhealthy for them. For a busy household though it is the quickest option that is also the most attractive as well as the cheapest. So unfortunately from their youngest days, felines are given commercial produced pet foods that have everything but what they actually need. These may well be the actual, though not the immediate cause of infections for pets.

So once you decide in favor of a diet change for your cat in fighting Feline UTI, there are some things you need to find. Locate a pet food store in your neighborhood or perhaps merchants who supply high quality meats. They can be different from the ones you have been opting for so far and can include the meats like rabbit, duck and mutton. However, be cautious in your selection; be sure that the quality of the raw food is high. Giving your cat raw meat that is not really fresh is sure to ruin your chances of converting her food habits.

So now you get to the problem of what will happen when your pet actually sees the raw meat in front of her. Whether she will even look at raw food will be anyone's guess. Cats that are good mousers may be quite partial to an offering of raw rabbit and chicken, and can be easily introduced to the regular addition of it in their daily diet. Not so cats that are fussy eaters and small eaters. Changing them over may be tough or simply impossible.

There are options in these cases, and your best option would be to use canned food instead of dry pet food. These foods contain more moisture and a higher proportion of meat rather than only its by-products. Remember that raw meat too has much more moisture than cat biscuits, and this is what your pet needs. The moisture helps to keep their kidneys well flushed and clear of toxins. Cats do not drink much water and this added wetness of the food is all-important.

Finally, if you are successful in introducing a raw food diet, take care to ensure that the food is fresh or recently thawed. Don't give your pet too much either, as raw meat will spoil quickly and cannot remain in her bowl for long. It should be finished in one go, so this will call for some experimentation before you fix on an approximate quantity that can be thawed and eaten at once. Dealing with feline UTI can be a battle, but one which can be won.

Janet Markowitz has been a German Shepherd Breeder for over 20 years. She has always been interested in using natural and holistic remedies for her Shepherds whenever possible. She has found that by using natural Remedies in conjunction with conventional medicine, she has achieved great success in the health and longevity in her dogs.

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