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The Best Way to Prevent and Treat Cat Urinary Problems Symptoms

Cat urinary problems symptoms can be very painful for your furry friend and require multiple trips to the vet. In this article, you'll learn about the ingredients in cat food that could be contributing to your cat's health issues and burning a hole in your wallet. You'll also learn what to feed your cat instead.

Unfortunately, most cat food is processed. This means it is full of artificial colorings, fillers, preservatives and cheap grains. Since the type of food your cat eats determines the pH of the urine (and this determines your cat's bladder health), your cat's diet is a big factor in his ability to build immunity and overcome disease.

What most cat owners fall to realize is that cat urinary problems symptoms can be eradicated by making simple dietary changes and by giving certain supplements. Doing this is easy and inexpensive and will minimize office visits to the vet.

Minimizing Cat Urinary Problems Symptoms through Diet

If you make your own cat food at home, you can ensure that you're giving your cat the very best. Food is our medicine. This is true for humans as well as cats. What we put into our bodies on a regular basis is what determines our future state of health.

So make your cat a protein-based diet with some meat or fish, broth and shredded bits of vegetables. You can make this easily in a food processor or blender. Adding acidic fruits to your cat's diet will help maintain a proper pH in the urine. Cranberry juice (prevents the growth of bacteria in the bladder lining) and a vitamin C supplements (works as a natural anti-inflammatory) go a long way to support bladder health.

Make sure your cat has access to fresh, clean filtered water. Do not give your cat tap water because it is full of chemicals. Also make sure to keep your cat's litter box clean to give your pet a pleasant place to urinate.

In addition, I recommend that you give your cat a homeopathic remedy, specifically designed to support cat bladder health. These all-natural preparations can be used for both treatment and prevention of cat urinary problems symptoms. They are as effective as antibiotics, but are gentle and have no side effects. Since they come in granular form, they are easy to administer: just sprinkle some into your cat's food or drop a few granules on his tongue.

Your best course of action? Create a daily routine for prevention of cat urinary problems symptoms. Make your cat's food once per week and store it in a plastic container. Your cat will probably eat less because he will be getting quality nutrients from each meal. Make sure to give your cat a daily supplement of vitamin C and a homeopathic remedy designed to build immunity and restore and maintain bladder health.

Since all homeopathic remedies are not created equal, make sure to find one that contains proven ingredients like uva ursi, berberis and cantharis.

Laura Ramirez is a passionate researcher of natural remedies which heal disorders and keep pets vibrant and healthy. Find out more about safe, effective ways to maintain your pet's urinary tract health at

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