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Cat Fountain - The Finicky Feline's Preference

Sure you can give a cat a bowl, but will he or she drink from it? Not if they can get at fresh flowing water. So instead of constantly shooing them off of the counter or taking them out of the sink, why not invest in a waterer or cat fountain and give them their own personal supply of fresh, flowing water?

Easy to use fountains are able to provide your finicky feline with the water he or she need in a way that they will drink it. A cat typically needs enough water to equal about two and a half times the volume of dry food she eats. And things like high heat, exercise or lactation and can double or triple the amount your kitty drinks. So it is very important to have fresh water readily available.

A cat fountain is a great way to give them all the water they need. And you won't have to leave the faucet dripping all day. Some are driven by quiet electric motors to provide a continuous, trickling flow of filtered water and come equipped with a reservoir to hold fresh water for your pet. Others recirculate the water through a charcoal filter to remove dirt, cat hair and other impurities giving your cat the cleanest water possible.

Good, fresh water is important because if all you leave out for your kitty is a filthy stagnant bowl they could get sick. Your cat bowls should be rinsed regularly and periodically disinfected with a mild bleach and water solution. Untreated water from puddles or ponds can also harbor bacteria and parasites that can really make your cat sick. Providing a fresh source of water indoors with a cat fountain improves the health of your cat.

This is especially true if your cat is older or sick. Normal water consumption prevents the occurrence of feline lower urinary tract problems. And as your kitty gets older she may not drink enough water which can make problems like constipation and kidney disease worse. A cat fountain may be just the thing to encourage her to drink more water.

Available in several sizes and styles some even have the option of growing hydroponic wheat grass for your cat to chew on. Others have attachable reservoirs to double the water capacity for your cat. Equipped with a filter your precious kitty will always have the cleanest, freshest water possible.

But to ensure the water stay its freshest you do need to clean the waterer one and a while. You can purchase a cleaning kit that includes a brush for the intake tub, a housing brush and a motor brush to ensure the water continues to run smoothly.

Cats like nothing better than clean, fresh water, but to ensure they drink enough get rid of their bowl which can only serve tepid, standing water and instead invest in a waterer. Your kitty is sure to love it and what greater thanks could there be but a happy, healthy cat?

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of a wide variety of online specialty shops including that offer both items and information on pets. Whether it is dog supplies for your dog, or even a cat tree for your cat, there are many tips you can use to help you make your home a better place for your pet.

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