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Toilet Train Kitty? Why? Why Not?

No matter how much we love our cats, cleaning up their litter box can get tiresome. At times like these, you think how wonderful it is if you can toilet train cats. If only our little tigers could go to the toilet to poop and pee, it would save us so much trouble... and money too!

How To Toilet Train Your Cat

Actually, there is a way to toilet train your cat. Note that only adult cats should be trained to use the toilet. Kittens are at too much risk of falling in and drowning.

The first step of toilet training cats is to get them to use their litter box in the toilet. Once they are comfortable using their litter box right beside the toilet bowl, you can slowly raise it (the litter box) until it is level with the toilet.

At this point, you will need a bowl which will fit into the toilet. Obviously, you need to keep the lid up and the seat down. This bowl replaces the litter box. Once your cat can balance himself on the toilet seat, you can remove the bowl. From now on, your cat is toilet trained and you will not have to deal with cleaning his litter box ever again.

But If It's So Great, Why Don't More People Toilet Train Cats?

Having a toilet trained cat sounds great, doesn't it? But then, why don't we hear more about it? Why aren't there cat trainers popping up left and right to offer this service?

There are several problems. First, you need to share the toilet with kitty. And the toilet door needs to be left open all the time. In a small apartment, these are big issues. Oh yes, you also need to always remember to leave the lid up and the seat down. You, and everyone else who uses the toilet. And don't forget that you still need to flush the toilet yourself.

Apart from this, some cats just won't go into the toilet. And some cats never get the hang of balancing themselves on the toilet seat. In addition, once kitty gets old and arthritic, the gymnastics of jumping up and balancing himself on the toilet seat becomes difficult. Once this happens, he'll probably start doing his business in various corners of the house again. At this point of time, it might be difficult to re-train him to use a litter box again.

Some cat lovers also worry - what if kitty slips and falls in? Isn't it dangerous? This is one of the main reasons I still prefer the litter box for my cats.

However, for many cat owners, the biggest problem is time. Toilet training a cat can take a lot of time and patience, even more than litter training a cat. Some lucky cat owners say their cats learn to use the toilet in just three months. Others reported that they needed a year or more to toilet train their cats.

As you can see, there are reasons why not many people toilet train cats. I prefer to stick to a manual litter box, but other cat owners have switched to automatic cat litter boxes.

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