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8 Secrets For Giving a Cat a Bath

There are some real good reasons why we don't often have to bathe cats. First of all, they typically do a good job of grooming themselves. Secondly, they hate it. If you find yourself needing to bathe your cat, follow these steps to get the job done.

Step 1: Put on a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt. Your cat will attempt to scratch you during his bath and you should attempt to protect yourself. (You can't really blame him can you?)

Step 2: Proper grooming begins with trimming your cat's nails and brushing out the tangles in his hair.

Step 3: If you are bathing your cat in a tub or sink, fill it with lukewarm water at a height of no more than 6 inches. Gather the supplies that you will need, including towels, a cup for rinsing, shampoo and treats.

Step 4: Pick up your cat and stroke him soothingly while carrying him towards the bath. Give him lots of praise. Prepare him for the water ahead by cupping some water in your hand and stroking your wet hand over his fur. Don't be surprised if this upsets him.

Step 5: Set your cat in the water while pouring small handfuls of water over his body from his neck down. Do not pour water over his head. Transition from handfuls of water to the cup filled with water until your cat is sufficiently wet.

Step 6: Lather the shampoo into your cat's fur, making sure to get under his belly and arms, but still avoiding his head and face. Gentle massaging might be the way to win your cat over during his bath.

Step 7: It's very important that you rinse your cat of all the shampoo, no matter how unhappy it makes him. Using the cup again, pour warm water over him until the water runs clear and you know there are no suds left behind to irritate his skin.

Step 8: Leave the mess behind to clean up later. Right now your cat deserves to be swaddled into a towel and hand fed treats and praise until he is calm (and dry!) It's important to note that when you release him from the towel, you'll want to watch that he doesn't roll around in his litter box. After he's calmed down, you might want to try to wash his face using a washcloth.

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