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A Cat Inspired Christmas Tree With Christmas Cat Ornaments

The Yuletide season requires loads of planning, conceptualizing and decorating, making it a good time of year for families to bond and spend quality time with each other. Every member of the family will get a chance to contribute to decorating the home, and everyone will have a say in the theme that will inspire the Christmas decorations. So if you happen to be a cat lover, then your favorite pet may also make a cool contribution to your Christmas experience. Imagine your Christmas theme this year with a touch of the felines. Your cat will definitely have that quizzical look on her elegant face as she sees the entire kitty inspired features of your Christmas decorations.

Starting with the Christmas tree, the best possible way to give it a cattish feel is by trimming it with Christmas cat ornaments to give the whole tree a cat inspired theme. You can easily find Christmas cat ornaments for sale in the department stores or better still, how about making your own Christmas cat ornaments to add a more personal touch to your tree? And what better way of making your own Christmas cat ornaments than doing it with your kids! All you need are some handy materials, cutting tools, painting sets and sheer creativity.

One problem you may find is when your cat gets really curious about all those enticing cat Christmas baubles and cat Christmas bells hanging on the tree. I for one actually do not find this to be a problem, and I enjoy seeing my feline friend exquisitely playing with the Christmas tree decorations - as long as she does not try to eat the Christmas lights of course. But if you have a problem with this sort of cat behavior, I have the right Christmas cat ornament for you.

This Christmas, cat decorations that you can make with your children will not only liven up your Christmas tree, but also warn you when your cat starts playing with them. This is how it's done: first of all, you will need some empty plastic Easter eggs, wire in a variety of different colors, some small bells, paints, wire cutters, sheets of felt, glue, glitter, and a small drill or a push pin. Then you need to cut the plastic Easter eggs into halves, and put some designs onto them using the paint, shapes cut from felt, glue and glitter. Just remember to make sure that your design is appropriately cattish. You can draw cats, kittens or anything that has something to do with cats on your halved plastic Easter eggs. When you have done this, put your masterpieces on one side to dry, and start cutting the wire into lengths of three to four inches. You can then twist-tie the colorful wires onto your bells. After doing this, your painted egg halves will probably be dry, so you can now put a hole in the top of each one using the small drill, or by heating a push pin in a flame and then pressing the heated point through the top of the egg.

You can then put the wires with the bells on them through the holes. Loop the end of the wire around your finger and twist tie it to the base. You then have your cat Christmas bells ready for hanging. After putting them up, you can all appreciate the team effort, and when you hear the bells ringing, the culprit is on the loose.

The article written by Zarqoo Zaimoo. Please visit Christmas Cat Ornaments for more information.

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