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Cat Furniture - The Indispensable Element in a Cat Lover's Home

Cat furniture? The very term may be puzzling for some people. Why on earth would you need a sofa, a chair or a table for a cat?

However, among cat lovers, it has a become common enough phrase. In fact, the concept of cat furniture has gained in popularity, with more people shopping for a cat tree, a cat bed and even cat condos. Not to mention scratching posts, now considered a mandatory item in the cat owner's household.

Why More Cat Furniture?

A major shift in responsible cat care has taken place over the past two decades: more cats  than ever spend their entire life living indoors only. These felines never leave the comfort of their homes, unless traveling to the veterinary clinic in a secure cat carrier. And "comfort of their homes" is more than just a figure of speech in this case.

Raising cats indoors-only has brought on changes relating to cat nutrition, vet care, entertainment and more. By the same token, owners of cats invest more than ever in various items of cat furniture, to create purrfect environments for what they consider to be their "furbabies".

So, why cat furniture for the indoors-only cat household? Let's review the two main advantages of cat furniture.

Cat furniture Can Add space

When we look at a room and try to estimate its size, we tend to look at its width and length, thus measuring its floor space.

Things look different from a feline perspective: you can actually make a room larger, if you take into account the room's height and make good use of vertical space.

The taller units of cat furniture can do just that, adding more surfaces on various levels, in effect creating space where none existed before.

Cat Furniture Can Trigger Exercise

Living indoors is safe and comfortable. It also means a lack of the intense stimuli of outdoors life; and the absence of the intense physical activity associated with having to hunt for food.

Moreover, with owners being away from home for long hours, many cats simply get bored. The result? a cat that sleeps more, gets less exercise and is prone to becoming overweight.

This is where a sturdy, complex set of cat furniture, perhaps decorated with some hanging cat toys, can help. Jumping up, running across beams, climbing, or simply stretching, can all help to keep a cat more active and thus healthier.

Even More Benefits

It doesn't end with exercise and added space. Cat furniture can help in creating a unique environment for your cat, where she may feel safer. Being out of reach of small children, or simply having a nest up on her cat tree, can all add to a cat's sense of security.

Cat furniture can even be an aesthetic addition to your household. A practical and decorative statement which says loud and clear: cats are part of our family.

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