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Cat Carriers - Carry Your Kitty in Style

Whether you are taking her to the vet or just for a walk through the neighborhood getting your cat to go anywhere is a project. First you have to catch her. Then you have to coax her into your plastic carrier or just let her roam free in the car where she is likely to get sick or go to the bathroom.

But there is a better way. Rather than subject your finicky feline fashionista to travel in an unsightly plastic crate give her a plush place to lounge with a tote bag carrier. Made to look like a designer handbag these cat carriers make you both look cute. Of course you also want to guarantee that your kitty is safe too as this will help reduce her stress.

There are four things to consider when purchasing a new cat carrier for your pet. The first one is size. Your cat needs enough room to turn freely, stand; lay down inside and there needs to be ample room for food and/or water dishes. So ensuring that your carrier is large enough is very important. Simply measure your pet by weighing her with you on your bathroom scale and then subtract your weight. Most manufacturers will list appropriate pet weight for carrier size.

Second you want to make sure the construction is sturdy with doors that close securely. A water resistant bottom is also a must and an absorbent pad improves your cat's comfort. A removable fleece liner is even better as it will provide both cushioning and warmth while you and your kitty are out about town.

Third is ventilation. The most important feature of any cat carrier with at least two panels of ventilation and if it is a hand bag carrier an opening for your kitty to stick her head out is good too. After all if your cat is comfortable your trip will be too.

Fourth you may want to look for other conveniences like zippered pockets for treats, leash clips and straps that are just the right length. Toting your cat should not be a hassle. So start looking for a cat carrier that will make you both comfortable and happy. If you are also traveling by car you can invest in one that can be secured with the seat belt like a child's car seat.

Finding the right one for the both of you may take some time, but it can be done. Whether you want one that looks like a designer hand bag or one that is a simple duffel bag you can be fashionable and she can be comfortable with the carrier you choose. So start shopping today.

Check out your local pet stores and surf the net to find the best selection and value. With various colors, styles and sizes available you might find several you like for different occasions. A black leather heart shaped carrier for an evening out or a camouflage duffel one for those weekend camping trips. The possibilities are endless.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of a wide variety of online specialty shops including that offer both items and information on pets. Whether it is puppy supplies for your dog, or even your cat supplies for your cat, there are many tips you can use to help you make your home a better place for your pet.

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