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How to Tell If Your Cat is Psychic

Many people swear that their cats are psychic, doing everything from predicting earthquakes to raising the alarm for injured people. Perhaps you suspect that your pet cat is psychic too, but how can you prove it? Here's a simple experiment that can show you whether or not your pet has psychic talent.

First, pick a time fairly close to the hour when you normally bring out the canned catfood, to make sure your pet is hungry enough to be interested in the reward. Then, wait until your cat is asleep: not just drowsing but stretched out, totally-limp, not even whiskers twitching, definitely asleep. Now take off your shoes and tiptoe -- walk as silently as humanly possible -- into the kitchen. Likewise silently, pick up a can of your cat's favorite catfood, or even a can of sardines if you have some.

Remember, cats love human-grade seafood. They know very well that we keep the Good Stuff for ourselves, so they're always eager to eat people-food if they can get it, and seafood ranks high on their list.

Now, don't move but think very hard about opening that can of enticing food. Think of the feel of opening the can. Think vividly of the sound the can makes while being opened. Think of the smell of the food -- this is especially effective if you're using seafood that you enjoy yourself. Create a clear image in your mind of opening that can of enticing food.

If the cat wakes up and comes galloping into the kitchen, meowing eagerly, then you'll know.

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