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4 Eared Cat - A Strange Mutation

A 4 eared cat can certainly be a very strange thing to see. Most people are accustomed to seeing normal cats with only two ears. It can be very frightening to witness such an odd event. In fact, many folks try to get a photograph if possible of the cat with four ears because it is such an unbelievable sight. Some individuals do not even believe what they are seeing!

Fours Ears Caused by Mutation

Cats with four ears have some sort of mutation, which causes them to grow an extra set of ears. However, it is actually a little more common than one might first believe or realize. It is no different than other weird occurrences that have recently popped up on the Internet or in the news. Some of these weird occurrences include a cow with two heads, a baby with two faces, or a dog with five legs. These occurrences are also due to mutations.

Witnessing a Cat with Four Ears

If one is lucky enough (or unlucky enough?) to witness such an occurrence as a 4 eared cat, one should certainly try to document the amazing experience with a video recorder or a camera so that others will believe the story, too. The local news station may even be interested in covering the story as well.

Not All Sightings are Real

Everyone should be warned that not all photos of cats with four ears are real. Some of the pictures currently on the Internet of cats with four ears have been altered using a simple computer program. Some people even stoop to the level of putting a fake pair of ears on a cat to try to convince others they have cats with four ears at home. Most people who fake a picture of a 4 eared cat are only doing so to gain fame or money from the fake picture.

Cats with Four Ears Merchandise is Available for Sale

Merchandise is available for sale on the Internet and in stores that contains images of cats with four ears. Shoppers can purchase a variety of items with this image on them. These items include t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, caps, cards, pictures, posters, cups, and bumper stickers. While certainly odd items, these items are being purchased by consumers every single day.

A cat with four ears is truly a rare and exciting discovery for a person to make. It can be an unnerving and unnatural experience to actually see one in person, but it is also a little weird to see a picture of one as well. Remember that not all pictures of the four eared mutations are real, but some really are. Consider it a rare treat to witness this type of scary sighting.

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