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Hand Raising a Kitten - The Story of Ricky Bobby

My family has owned cats for well over 20 years. We were in no way prepared for what our dog, Shamrock, brought home one day. In this huge German Shepard's mouth was a tiny newborn kitten we ended up hand raising.

Shamrock was a sweet, loving dog who took to our 4 cats instantly. We adopted her when she was 2 years old from a shelter. One day she came to us and literally spit out a kitten no more than 3 inches long, with an umbilical cord still attached. We searched for the kitten's mother, but never could find her. There was nothing we could do but try hand raising this kitten ourselves.

Even with tons of cat experience, nothing prepares you for hand raising one. We had no idea what to do, so we researched information on the internet. Through lot of trial and error, we learned what worked best for our kitten whom we named Ricky Bobby.

We researched formula, techniques, and tips to getting him to eat well and grow healthy. The odds of a kitten that young making it were slim to none. Since we had no idea if Ricky Bobby had received vital colostrum from his mother, we were unsure if he had gotten valuable antibodies he needed for a good chance at a healthy life.

There were many times we didn't think this kitten would make it, but here he is 2 years later, healthy and happy. He did suffer an inner ear infection that leaves him permanently crooking his head to the side. He however, runs and plays and acts like any other normal cat. Well, normal may not be the word to use for him! Since he was hand raised he acts more like a human than any other cat we've ever owned. He uses his paws like hand and gets into many more things than a normal cat would dream of.

Hand raising Ricky Bobby was a tough, but awesome experience. He is a very special cat and we will never forget him and his amazing entry into our lives.

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