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7 Foods That Are Toxic to Cats and Kittens

There are some human foods that are highly toxic to cats and kittens. As you may well know, kittens and cats are super curious and can get in quite a lot of trouble. They also have a very slow metabolism, which makes some foods more toxic to them than other pets such as dogs. Make sure to keep the following seven foods away from your kitten.

1. Chocolate. Most people know that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but don't know that it is toxic to cats and kittens too. Chocolate contains theobromine which kittens tend to metabolize very slowly. Humans can metabolize it just fine, but in kittens it is toxic and will affect the nervous system.

2. Caffeine/coffee/tea. Caffeine is toxic to cats and kittens and can cause death. It only takes a few teaspoons of caffeine to fatally poison a kitten. be very careful leaving these drinks out where they can get into them.

3. Grapes and Raisins. There is an unknown toxin in these foods that can damage a kitten's kidneys.

4.Macadamia nuts. These nuts also contain a toxin which affects nervous and digestive systems.

5.Mushrooms. These contain a toxin that cause shock and death in kittens.

6. Onions and garlic. These are dangerous raw, cooked or in a powder form .These foods contain sulfoxides which cause anemia by damaging red blood cells.

7. Fat trimmings from meat. This can cause pancreatitis in kittens.

This is by no means a full list of foods that are toxic to cats and kittens. There are also many other harmful materials that your kitten needs to stay away from such as nicotine. Any kind of raw meat or eggs can carry salmonella which is bad for humans and kittens alike. With kittens having a slow metabolism many things are more harmful to them. If you think your kitten has ingested something potentially harmful, please consult your veterinarian

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