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Advanced Cat Training - Tricks

So you have started training your cat? That is great! By now your furry friend is sitting, shaking, and maybe even waving. But there is so much more you can teach your cat to do. Here are some tricks (and how I got him to do them) my 12-year-old cat loves to do for everyone.

Sit up

Once kitty is sitting, bring a treat above his head and say "Sit Up". As soon as kitty lifts his front feet up and stretches up for the treat, give the treat and praise. Repeat two to three times.

Round About

With kitty standing and facing you, let him smell the treat in your fingers. Lead him in a circle to either the left or right while saying "Round About". As soon as kitty completes the circle, reward him with the treat and praise. Repeat two to three times.

And here is my favorite, Big Toes

I figured this trick out by accident, but have managed to teach other cats. All the cats are de-clawed and enjoying people holding their front feet. Begin with kitty sitting in front of you. If kitty likes you holding his feet, you will already have one, if not, ask him to shake. With his foot in one hand, stretch your fingers out on your free hand while you say "Big Toes". You may have to show kitty a few times how you stretch your fingers out, but he will quickly imitate you. Reward and praise kitty immediately, even for just a little bit of a stretch.

Training your cat gives you not only a better relationship with your cat, but also keeps kitty thinking. Remember to be patient when trying to teach new tricks. All cats are different with different personalities. Some tricks will come easier to others while they just do not like other tricks (my cat HATES being asked to lie down!).

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