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Warm Weather Tips For You and Your Long Haired Cat

No, cats don't like water, so rule number one - don't strap a life jacket on the cat and set it afloat in the pool, it's just going to make the cat mad! My beautiful long haired boy cat can become very lethargic when the temperature goes way up. His sister, an American short hair does not seem to mind as much, but she also becomes a bit quieter when the mercury passes ninety degrees.

My boy is a Norwegian Forrest Cat and he is definitely designed for cold weather. He has a lot of thick fur that forms an undercoat for his long fur, and that provides insulation against the warm as well as against the cold. So rule number two- don't try to shave the cat. It doesn't help them at all and it could end in serious injury for you! Any creature can suffer from dehydration. In warm weather cats need to drink more water than normal, just like us humans.

However, cats can be very fussy about their water supply. Cats like their water to be in the same spot, just where they like it. Cats tend to prefer water that is running and like to drink out of faucets, although I don't recommend it for them. What works better is a running fountain water bowl, available at almost any store that sells pet supplies. Make sure to change the water daily and clean the fountain once a week. To do this you have to take it apart, but hey, it's worth the trouble, you do love your cat right?

Another tip about water for the cats- they don't like odd or unknown things floating in the water, so rule number three- don't put ice cubes in the cat bowl, they just think there is something that does not belong in the water, and they won't drink at all!

Last but not least, provide a cool floor for the long haired cat to flop down on. If you have a tile entry or kitchen or maybe even bath, take the rugs up so there is a nice cool floor for the cat to enjoy. It's really the best place for a long haired cat in the heat of summer. They can stretch out with belly to the floor and enjoy that cool feeling.

If it's really hot, you can just sprawl out down there with them, but, rule number four- do not, I repeat do not wake them while they are napping! If you do, they are just going to get up and go find a spot away from you and it might not be so cool there!

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