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Can You Really Get Your Cat to Emotionally Bond With You?

Like getting attached to human beings, you can also become emotionally attached to your pets, especially your cat. This is because cats express a lot of love for their owners. They like to rub themselves against and cuddle with their owners, making them feel loved and cared for.

However, you must assess if all these gestures of your cat actually denote emotional expression and if you should reciprocate it. You need to know if the cat is using you for food and shelter or if she really loves you for her own sake. Is it possible that your cat is actually emotionally attached to you and vise versa? Let us look into some factors to know the reality.

Our first encounter with cats is mostly presumed as camp fire since cats love warmth. We love cats for their loveliness; kittens move us the most and win our attention owing to their cuteness. Cats are also very playful and easy to get along with humans instead of running away from them like other animals.

What we need to see is that if cats do this out of their habit without having emotional streak behind it or if the case is other way round. Jeffrey Masson, the writer of the Nine Emotional Lives of Cats, says that cats can risk their lives to be their owner. It is the strength of this bond that makes them return to their owner in all circumstances and not just the want of food and shelter. It proves that cats do possess emotional needs like us.

It is also natural for humans to get attached to people or animals once they get some emotional response from them. When we bring in our cat, it becomes a family member like others. You spend so much time with it and see it all around the house. Some people even treat their kitties like their kids. They feed them when they are taking their meals and also take them out with them for recreation.

With the knowledge that cats do have emotional response will make you love your cat all the more. After all what is the use of getting a pet cat if you do not love it?

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