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Why Cats Like To Bite

It has been observed that biting amongst cats is mostly a playful gesture. You should give your cat some outlet for biting for her satisfaction as it is a part of her nature. Mostly your cat may want to bite your fingers or a toe as that is all that is available to them. She also gives a vent to her energy in this way. It is a good exercise and you should provide your cat with good means to bite on.

For this purpose, you can provide your kitty with interactive fishing-pole toys. You can have habitual playing sessions with her. These toys keep a secure distance between your fingers and your cat's teeth. It also teaches her as what is tolerable to bite and what not. This way you can also keep control of the action and help your cat give vent to her energy positively. If two or three playing sessions are conducted with her daily, the probability of your cat biting you will naturally decrease. You should slowly end the session so that your cat does not end up frustrated or annoyed. You should slow down the activity gradually so that your cat feels like a hunter and feels satisfied by the end of the game.

Once the activity is over, make sure that the toy is not within her reach anymore as it can chew the string. Having this exercise on regular basis will build a routine in your cat's life and she will feel less inclined to bite unexpectedly.

When your cat does bite you, it is advisable not to pull her away or shout at her. This will give her an impression of a prey and it may provoke her to act as a hunter. It is better to discourage her in a gentle manner.

Sometimes if you feel your cat is acting more wild, you can divert her attention by providing her with new toys. Cats are inquisitive by nature. Providing her with new toys to bite on will help her utilize her wild instincts in a positive way. You must remember that cats are animals after all and biting or scratching is some what normal amongst them. However, proper training can tame its animal instincts and make it a better domestic cat.

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