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If you are considering having a pet and have decided that a cat would be the ideal companion for yourself and your family, the next move is to find a somewhere that will be able to supply you with a fit and healthy, happy and affectionate cat or kitten. Starting your search on the internet is an ideal way of accessing a huge number of websites. Nearly all privately owned and charitable organisations have websites now and there are very few breeders and pet shelters that you cannot look up and research. There are cat adoption links on many of the Government websites too.

One of the best starting points for finding cat adoption links in on the Humane Society of America website at HSUS dot org, as here you know that you will be pointed in the right direction when it comes to the welfare of the animals. You know that you can rely on them for good advice and sound referrals.

Petfinder dot com is one of the cat adoption links that the Humane Society gives. On this site you will not only be able to search through the cats that are up for adoption from them but you will also be able to contact adoption groups in your area and see the pets that they have in their shelters. Like many other sites you will be able to learn a lot about the care of your new pet and they offer advice when it comes to adopting. You will find out what will be expected of you as a new parent to a cat or a kitten and what you can expect in the way of problems when it comes to your new charge settling in.

Another of the cat adoption links that is available on the site is that of Pet911 dot com, which is similar to Petfinder in that it will go on to link you with other more local shelters and give advice. Both of these sites also have the facility to put you in touch with other pet owners in your area so that you can become part of a community of like minded people and meet and make new friends with the common interest of your pets. You can join clubs and there are even 'fun' pages.

If you are interested in a broader, worldwide picture, the Humane Society gives cat adoption links to such organisations as worldanimalnet dot org. On this site you can find out about pet adoption all over the world as well as news regarding other animal welfare matters. It is very interesting to find out what is happening in other parts of the world with regard to animal adoptions etc.

There are many cat adoption links on the internet and it is possible to spend hours jumping from one website to another. There is much to be learned and a lot of information at your fingertips. There is bound to be the ideal pet for you in one of the many shelters in your area and it you start somewhere like the Humane Society of America you will soon find a link that is suitable for you.

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