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Bengal Cat Adoption

A Bengal cat is a fairly high maintenance pet. They are not your average pet cat who is happy to sit around all day or go out and just pass the time lying in a favourite spot. Many Bengal cats will end up at adoption centres as their owners are unable to dedicate the necessary time to them and this is why specific Bengal cat adoption centers have come into existence.

These cats are stunning looking pets, like miniature 'big cats' and it is this exotic appeal that makes them so attractive. They are, however, not always easy to live with. If you are at all interested in a Bengal cat adoption, you would most definitely be wise to research their habits before considering them as a pet. They are very sociable and will not always do well in a household where there is nobody at home. As they grow older they are more able to accept this situation, but certainly as kittens you will find that a solitary life for much of the day will not suit them.

One aspect of their behavior that you will notice is their energy. They spend a lot of their time in activity. They will often play very energetically for quite long periods of time, and enjoy you playing with them. They are not the kind of cat that just sits on the chair for hours. They will climb up curtains and furniture and they have an unfortunate disrespect for any ornaments or other personal belongings that may be in the way. They are not purposefully destructive, more just full of an exuberance that shows little regard for any hurdles. I think that many cats have ended up in the Bengal cat adoption centers as their owners feel that their houses are either too small or just entirely unsuitable when it comes to accommodating these pets.

They talk a lot. That may sound like a strange statement, but if you were to visit the Bengal cat adoption shelter you would understand what I mean. They are incredibly chatty and you would probably find that when you come into the house after being out, they will happily tell you all that they have been up to whilst you were away. They are very demanding cats and rather than just come up to you to ask for something, they will shout it from the far side of the room. They have quite a repertoire of sounds but you will soon come to recognise your particular pet's vocabulary; it will be surprisingly large.

Although these cats are definitely domestic, companion pets, they are also extremely active and sometimes demanding animals. Sometimes they seem more like dogs than cats and will very much become a member of the family. If you decide to go to a Bengal cat adoption center to give a pet a home, make sure that you have a long chat with the centre staff to make sure that you know what you are adopting. They are very beautiful and very affectionate and loving, but not the sort of companion you need if you have a small, confined space with lots of expensive or highly prized ornaments. Nor are they ideal if you do not have the time and commitment to give to an intelligent and active friend.

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