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Cat Behaviour - Evolution Trend

Do you ever notice the behavior changing in your darling feline companion these days compare to the ones twenty years ago? I don't know whether this only happen to my feline companions, or it might happen as well to you. I used to have cats who loved to wait-chase-catch rodents as their prey, and uhm, sometimes their favorite meals. How about my prevailing cats now behave? Very unsual. The rodents run back and forth exactly in front of their noses. They just ignore them completely, as if the rats were no longer consider as threats and exciting prey. If I may translate and interpret my cats mind, "Yucckk...the rats are disgusting creatures to play with and taste so bad to be eaten. I prefer human junk food, like french fries, hamburgers, hot-dogs!"

It's amazing that every time someone in my home buy these kind of junk food, all my cats are so anxious and eager to eat them. They wait so patiently, starring at their beloved humans, begging to be feed by this junk food. And, of course, they always 'ask' their portion when we're eating. Never wanted to miss the excitement of enjoying junk foods.

Another hilarious thing is one of my cats, knows perfectly where to sleep comfortably. In my bed, of course. But, that's not enough. Certainly, he does understand where to lay down his head, on my pillow. How about my other cats? Most of them truly aware about decency, so they sleep in the corner of my bed near my feet. Or, lay down part of their fluffy bodies near my ribs, stomach and legs. And, the best part is, when there's anyone interrupt or disturb his content sleep, he'll awake soon - starring at the perpetrator - then, with very heavy sigh like humans do, he got back to sleep with an expression of annoyed. Just like humans!

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