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How to Show Your Cat You Love Her

Cats make wonderful pets, and although they are traditionally very independent animals, they can also be very affectionate. The best way of gaining her love is to first show her that you love her. This article aims to give you some tried and proven techniques.

These techniques tend to work best with young cats, but if your cat is older, don't despair- it may just take longer, so be patient with her. Use caution at all times, and be prepared to try again another day if she backs away or shows signs of fear. Until she has become used to you, always let her approach you rather than force attention upon her.

Cats will greet each other by rubbing heads or noses; obviously you may not want to rub noses, but you can get her used to having your head near her. Pet her and wait until she is in a relaxed and happy state, and then gradually move your head nearer to her; there is no need to talk whilst you do this, although some people find it helps to make small purring noises. Get down to her level; if you are standing up, towering over her, she can find this threatening. Crouch down if needs be- don't loom over her as she will find this intimidating.

Some people like to nuzzle their cat, as this is how cats show affection to others. If you want to do this, start by gently breathing on her neck, and progress to gentle nuzzling movements round her head and neck. Exercise caution however, as she could nip you if startled.

Cats love to play, even older cats, so make time each day to play with her. They love small, light balls, feathers, or anything which can be dangled, but don't let them play with string or rubber bands unsupervised as these can be swallowed.

Some cats like to be groomed, others hate it- be prepared to experiment. If your cat enjoys this, it can be a source of pleasure for both of you. Never force her into being groomed however, and be prepared to stop when she has had enough or this will cease to be a pleasurable experience for her.

Talk to her often; let her get used to the sound of your voice. Use soft, quiet tones. Some cats prefer high pitched sounds; again, don't be afraid to experiment.

With a little time, the bond between you and your cat could be closer than ever.

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