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Cat Breed - Birman

The Birman is a pedigree species of domestic cat, first officially recorded as a breed in France in 1925 under the name 'Sacre de Birmanie'; it's said to have originated in Western Burma where it is regarded as being sacred; its beginnings as a species are shrouded in exotic myths and complex legends which gives this cat a special mystique. This variety is so old and venerated that its existence has even been traced back to Ancient Thailand.

Male Birman cats can be quite large in size with the females a little smaller. They have average-length, silken coats, not quite as long and wild as a Persian's and not as prone to tangles, starting off white in kitten-hood, they start to develop color in the fur at the age of one week, progressing to a flaxen or eggshell shade; markings on the coat are blue, deep brown, cream, seal, yellowish-white, red, and lilac. There are tabby and tortoiseshell variations in this breed.

Birman's have sapphire colored eyes, remaining a striking shade of blue throughout their life; they are the one cat that has pure white paws in the colorpoint coat range of felines; this feature is highly unusual and genetically puzzling.

These are classic people oriented cats and they will tolerate play with children and will even cohabit with other pets if introduced sensitively; a definite indoor pet, the Birman is bright, alert, curious and active. As a member of the family, they will want to follow you and be a part of your daily routine, whether you're washing, gardening or reading quietly in the study, your Birman will let you know of its presence with a soft, bell-like mew.

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