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Why You Should Never Use Your Dog's Flea Treatment on Your Cat

As temperatures become warmer fleas become a problem for pet owners.

Our vet, Glen Kolenc, says "if I was given a dollar for every cat I've had to treat that was poisoned by a dog only flea product, I'd not have to work again!"

And this statement unfortunately sums up how rampant this misconception is among dog and cat owners. Owners must heed the warnings on product labels or their cat may end up with some serious (and expensive) health problems.

The irony is that in trying in to save money by using dog flea treatments on cats, people end up having to pay vet bills for insecticide toxicity.

Glen goes on to say "If a product says "do not give to cats" then why would you even consider giving it to a cat?

That's a bit like giving a child a medicine that states "not to be used in children". Sorry, I had to throw that bit in because we see cats poisoned by dog only flea products so often, and is something that should never happen in the first place.

Some of these products cannot be used on cats because they are toxic to cats. In fact, these products are very often fatal if given to a cat and they are not treated early enough. This is because the liver of dogs and cats function a little bit differently to each other.

Cat's livers cannot metabolise a lot of chemicals that dog's livers can meaning that what is safe for a dog is not necessarily safe for a cat. Please heed the warnings on any pet related products you buy."

The symptoms for insecticide overdose can occur within hours of ingestion and include salivation, muscle tremors, twitching, coma, convulsions and death.

Feel free to post your own question to Glen, our vet.

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