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Cat Clawing Furniture

If your cat is clawing furniture and ruining your house, relax, because there are some simple steps you can take to put a stop to this situation. While just one of these approaches can work, often combining a couple of them will put a stop to it.

One of the first things to try are scratching posts. Buy a couple of cat scratching posts from the local pet store. These can be put in front of the furniture that the cat is scratching. Cats often scratch corners of tables or furniture. Place these posts right in their way.

Another thing to try are furniture protectors. Although not an ideal situation, these cheap plastic guards can protect your expensive furniture. Again, these are available from most pet stores.

Soft Claws, is a great product you use as well. These are simply soft plastic pieces you put over each one of your cat's claws. These can be hard to put on by yourself, so many people have their vet put them on, but this can be a quick solution to the problem.

Keeping your cat's claws well trimmed it probably the easiest and most direct solution to this problem, but even with trimmed claws, they can still scratch your furniture. If you don't know how far to trim your cat's nails back, talk to a vet or vet tech first. Cutting the claws too far back can lead to bleeding.

Once you manage to get the clawing furniture situation under control you should examine why your cat is clawing furniture in the first place. To find out why you need to increase your knowledge about cat behavior.

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