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Cat Separation Anxiety

Cat separation anxiety can be a very troubling situation for the cat lover to deal with. While cats don't suffer as much from separation anxiety as much as dogs, the do suffer from it. It is best to try and deal with this by making some adjustments to your cat's life, rather than using medication at first.

What causes cat separation anxiety is not known. In dogs some breeds are much more susceptible than others. In cats, it doesn't appear that certain breeds are more susceptible than others.

Here are some steps you can take to help your cat cope with this condition:

1. Be consistent when you leave and when you return home. One thing that can lead to separation anxiety is uncertainty about when you will return home. By showing and training your pet that you will always leave and come home at the same time can help alleviate some anxiety.

2. When you leave your house, be calm and quiet. Don't make a big deal about leaving because then they will know that now is the time to act up.

3. When your cat acts up, don't reward them for this behavior. Most cats learn that if they make a fuss about the owner getting ready to leave, they will get lots of attention.

4. Try to feed your cat some treats or other food they like right before you leave. Feed your cat in a room that is far away from the front door, so they are not around when you leave.

By taking some basic steps to alleviate your cat's separation anxiety you can improve their life. While medication may be necessary, try doing these steps first. Trying to learn as much as possible about cat behavior can improve your relationship with your cat.

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