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Cat Flea and Heartworm Meds

Does your cat have heartworms, fleas and ticks? Does it drive you crazy when they cannot stop scratching? Well, you need not worry any more. There are heartworm, tick and flea controls that are available for your cats. It is only natural that your pets could have this problem, but what is unnatural is if their human friends do not do anything about it. These medications are available with a prescription, but the prescription is easy enough to acquire. You just need to meet with your vet and have him take a look with your cat. By consulting your vet, you are assured that you are doing the right thing for your pet.

These medicines are great for treatment for heartworms, ticks, ear mites, fleas, and sarcoptic mange. Because these treatments also contain selemectin as one of the active ingredient, it can also control hookworms and roundworms on cats. It is a treatment regimen that you can give your pet once a month to make their lives parasite-free and scratch-free.

These medicines are easy to apply. Just apply once a month to ensure the absence of flea, tick and heartworm. The medicine is liquid so it is easy to spread evenly into the fur and into the skin of your cat. It is not greasy and it is quick-drying so letting your pet roam after application would not be a problem. It is even water-resistant to some extent; you can continue to bathe your pets regularly. The medication will remain effective for up to a month without the need of reapplication.

The cat flea and heartworm meds work fast. It enters the bloodstream upon application through the skin. It also distributes treatment to the sebaceuous glands in the skin where it can protect your pet against parasites. And because it is water-proof, you can rest assured that your pets are protected all month long regardless of water exposure or sun exposure.

Although these medicines are considered safe for cat and kittens over six weeks, the treatment is not recommended for weak, underweight or sick animals. Before you begin the monthly treatment, visit your veterinarian to ensure that the medication is safe for your pet. And if you see any changes in your pet after applying the medication, stop the treatment immediately. Always consult your vet to make sure that your pet is safe from any harm.

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