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Discover the Hazards of NOT Walking Your Cat!


You are reading an article that could dramatically affect your cats health! Cats like all of natures animals need stimulus and them being outside is a BIG area of excitement for them. By reading and absorbing this article you will discover why a cat needs to be outside and how to do it correctly so that even a cat that has been indoors most of its life will feel safe in the new outdoor environment. The best way is to learn to walk your cat safely. The reasons behind this and how to walk a cat are laid out for you to apply to your relationship with your cat.

"How To Walk Your Cat And Why It Should Be Done!"

Cat's are hunters! They need stimulated to be healthy. Nature provides this in abundance in the great outdoors for all its creatures. Even house cats need to be stimulated. Here we have a dilemma!

On the one hand you cat needs to go outdoors to be healthy and properly stimulated as a hunter. On the other the outdoors is dangerous and your cat could get injured. There is a solution: Take them for a walk!

The reason is simple even though people have actually studied it. They found that cats that stay indoors can actually develop depression!

It can be hard to see it yourself as cats tend not to talk verbally or display symptoms of depression or boredom. One recognised that was recognised was excessive scratching. This did actually show to have a direct relationship with a cat's depression. More depressed more scratching.

Why Do These Problems Develop?

They do because cat owners tend to pamper their pets. They should really be playing with they cat and learning from a cat's instincts in order to keep the cat healthy and happy. This includes them being outside. Being in a city is no excuse as you can still take the cat for a walk. Walking your cat has other health implications like not letting get obese which can also lead to other health problems as well. Hmm, increased vet bills I think!

How Do You Walk A Cat?

Firstly you have to use a harness or coat. Your cat must become used to wearing it first as well before you add a leash/lead.

Once they have become used to it attach the leash/lead and walk them indoors first. Once them are familiar with it start to take them outdoors. Only briefly and not far at first. Remember you have to build their confidence. Each time you go out take them a little further and remain out a little longer. This simple exercise allows both of you to become familiar with the whole 'taking the cat for a walk' thing.

Use a leash works equally as well in a city, town or in the countryside. In fact it works anywhere you want your cat to be safe yet experience the great outdoors.


It is not hard to understand why cats need to be outdoors. It is also not hard to train them to walk on a leash/lead. It keeps them safe and allows them to enjoy the outside world and remain healthy. My advice: learn to take your cat for a walk. Start today!

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