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Cat Flea and Tick Medicine

Ticks and fleas are disease carriers; they transmit tapeworms and cause allergic reactions which can cause scratching, infection and hair loss. A cat, in rare cases, can also contact serious diseases from ticks like Lyme disease which causes swollen joints, fever and lameness.

Specially formulated shampoos, sprays, dips and powders eliminate the problem and will instantly relieve your cat from biting ticks and fleas. Shampoos clean the dirt as well as get rid of biting fleas. Sprays and dips eliminate fleas and their residue. Powders perform the same functions as a spray.

There are various medicines available in the market which halts the complete lifecycle of ticks and fleas. Continue with these medicines even after you have got your cat free of these pests. Collars and spot-ons are some additional products that help to make your cat pest free.

The larvae, flea eggs, adult fleas are killed by spot-ons. It also protects against ticks transmitting Lyme diseases. They kill fleas within 12 hours and prevent infestation for a month. It also eliminates fleas before they begin to lay eggs. These medications are effective and gentle on the pet.

The insecticides present in collars destroy adult fleas and stops the hatching of flea eggs. It is best to treat the surroundings in the house as well as the cat. Rugs, cushions, carpets and mattresses are hotspots and breeding grounds for fleas. These must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent future infestations. Sprays, foggers, carpet powders are easy and quick solutions to get rid of fleas.

For floors, bedding and furniture powders and sprays are the best. Use foggers and aerosols on hard to reach spots. Yard sprays eliminates ticks and fleas from the garden and lawn, and prevent them from spreading indoors.

Since shampoos, sprays and dips have chemicals in them, they could be harsh on your pet. Veterinarians have now started recommending alternative medicines, which are different from traditional brands. This new cat flea tick medicine is also unlike others in that it shows its effect in no time. All you have to do is apply the medication on the head and in between the shoulders. This medication is not messy, slimy or greasy.

Though a little more expensive, it is worth going for, as it works faster. Follow the dosage, which is given in accordance with the size and weight of the cat. This medication should be applied every month to prevent outbreaks when the flea and tick season rolls in.

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