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How to Take a Tick Off a Cat

Ticks are arthropods that survive on our pet animals. They feed on warm-blooded animals, often spreading germs and diseases to our four-legged friends.

Ticks are the root cause of many dangerous diseases. So getting rid of the ticks our cats becomes extremely important. The method used for removing ticks by old wives is quite dangerous. Follow only a proper method approved by veterinarians.

Wearing gloves is essential while taking off a tick from a cat. Once the work is done wash your hands properly. You'll want to remove all the ticks from the cat's entire body.

Pulling them off will remove just half the tick and will not resolve the problem. So get closer to the cat's skin; this can be best done using tweezers. Avoid doing insane things like burning, smothering or drowning the tick. Most likely, you'll injure your cat without removing the tick.

Remember that the saliva of the tick is poisonous and has already entered the cat's skin. Antagonizing the tick will cause the tick inject excessive saliva. The best thing to do would be to grab it firmly by its head with the help of tweezers and quickly remove it.

Many times, the head will remain in the skin. But the head will not cause problems; it is the saliva that will cause problem. The head will be flushed out from the cat's body naturally.

Topical products when applied on the skin of the pet, in between the shoulder once in a month have been effective as well.

Ticks are resilient and can survive drowning. The air sac present in them helps them to survive. Since alcohol is poisonous to ticks, dropping them in it will definitely kill them in less than 10 minutes. If you are unable to remove it personally, take the cat to the vet and he will remove it professionally.

Tick collars prevent new ticks from getting attached and promote detachment of ticks too.

Best of all, you should try to prevent ticks from entering the body of pets. Take extra care while the cat is in the wood or among low bushes and tall grass. Watching your cat while he is outdoors will help him stay pest-free.

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