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Cat Furniture - There Are Many Nice Options For Your Feline Friends

If you are a cat lover you know that they are interesting and persnickety animals. They generally will tell you what they want in terms of food and litter and as their owner, you usually have to obey in order to keep them happy. This means the right cat furniture is important as well.

When you want to find the right cat furniture for your feline friends, it will start with what exactly you are looking for because there are many things on the market. Also, the type of what you buy will depend on what you want to do with your cats.

As you know, most cats spend their time sleeping more than doing anything else so your cat furniture has to be durable and comfortable. If you have only one cat, you will need to not buy as many selections than if you have several.

Essential Cat Furniture: One of the things that will be important for you to purchase is the litter box. Many people think that a litter pan is all that is needed but believe it or not, most cats like their privacy when going to the bathroom. The hooded litter boxes, though a little more expensive, will help you and your cat. It will keep most of the litter in the box instead of all over the walls and floors.

Also, some cats, whether they are spayed or neutered, like to stand up to urinate and a hooded litter box keeps them from spraying your walls. Yes, this is a natural thing that you may find in both female and male cats when they are in the litter box.

Another good idea is to have a scratching post. By allowing your cat to have a place to scratch it will save on your other furniture. A scratching post should be tall enough that your cat can stretch while they are scratching it.

If you have inside cats an essential part of their life is going to be exercise and play. In order to get the best cat furniture for this venture you might take a look at the kiddy condos, cat trees or cat gyms. Each of these has a different purpose but basically they are built to allow your cat to climb, smack at things (including your other cats) and scratch here and there.

Non-essential Cat Furniture

Cat houses -- most places will sell both inside and outdoor cat houses as part of their offering. These are a place where cats can climb, hide and be their cat selves.

Cat beds -- don't get us started talking about this one! Most of the time cats will sleep just about anywhere, including on top of your head. However, it is a delight for them. Cat beds should be warm and secure, but good luck keeping them on them instead of in your bed.

Finally, whatever you buy put catnip on it. This attracts your cats to the cat furniture and will keep them happy.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of different niche online stores like that offer customers not only different products, but information on how to furnish and decorate both indoor and outdoor areas. Whether you want to redecorate your living room or create the ultimate outdoor environment perfect for entertaining, there is a lot of helpful advice to take advantage of. Today, she shares her insight when investing in luxurious dog furniture. It would be a lovely way to treat your pet.

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