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Do You Really Need Cat Food That Contains Vitamins, Minerals and Water?

Vitamins promote good health in a variety of ways. A high quality feline diet provides vitamins in the proper amounts and in balance with one another. However, light, heat, moisture, and rancidity can easily destroy the chemicals that make up vitamins, thereby reducing the nutritional value of your cat's food.

For that reason, it is essential to protect stored food from heat, light and moisture, and to use it before its expiration date. As important as they are, though, more is not better when it comes to vitamins.

In fact, an excess of some vitamins can make your cat ill. Too much vitamin A, for instance, can damage her bones.

Minerals are vital to strong bones, healthy cell tissue, and properly functioning organs. High quality feline diets provide minerals in the proper balance.

As with vitamins, though, too much of some minerals can cause serious health problem, including kidney stones and skeletal problems.

Dietary supplements may seem like a good way to ensure your cat's proper nutrition, and some supplements are good for some cats. However, excess vitamins and minerals in the diet can cause serious problems.

If you feed a high quality cat food, supplements should not be necessary. Ask your vet before adding supplements to your cat's diet.

Water is an essential part of your cat's diet. It keeps her body properly hydrated and helps her organs function. Senior cats are particularly subject to dehydration, so you must make it easy for her to take in enough water every day, particularly if she eats dry food.

Your cat gets some of her water indirectly from her food and some directly by drinking. She should always have easy access to clean water. If her mobility becomes limited as she ages, help her by placing water bowls in all parts of the house that she frequents.

Knowing the basic principles of proper feline nutrition is a helpful step toward keeping your cat healthy throughout her life.

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