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Cat House - The Benefits of One

A cat house can bring many hours of enjoyment to your cat. By nature your cat is a hunter and will love having a secluded spot to hide in. He will feel as though he is invisible as he climbs inside and patiently awaits his prey (your feet). Your cat loves to hide, and he loves to hunt. You may have noticed when the heat kicks on, your curtains begin to sway back and forth, and your cat goes in to hunter mode almost automatically. He will hide behind the sofa and watch the swaying curtains, until he feels it is the right time to leap and attack.

Having a cat house will allow you kitty to play for hours and practice his hunting skills, he must be prepared in case we are taken over by mice or rustling leaves. Your cat really does believe he is in charge of the houses security. While it is hard for you to believe the kitty could do anything, and he probably would not, he still feels the power.

A cat house is made of carpet and padding and will be a huge benefit to saving your furniture. Cats love to scratch and works their nails, if you do not supply kitty with a spot for him to do this, he will make his own (your sofa). This is a normal part of a cats grooming technique, the pressure of the pulling nails feels good to the kitty, and he will continue to scratch as long as he has nails.

If you have multiple cats, you may want to have multiple cat houses, or at least a larger one, that offers more stories and more rooms. The cat house will be treated as a guarding post, and one cat may not allow the others to enter. This gives the cats plenty of exercise as they try to infiltrate each others homes, and take over the reign of power.

A cats personality is very unique, and each very different from the next. Cats are a lot like humans and can be stubborn, lazy, and hold a grudge. They love to be pampered, but only when they are ready. Having a cat is similar to having a selfish spouse; you will feed it, clean up after it, get no attention when you want it, and be expected to give full attention when they want it.

Your cat will not give in to your world; you must give in to his. There is little compromise in your kitty's world, he needs what he needs, and you are there to give it to him. He does respect you and honors you as a possession, not an owner. A cat's love is genuine and very sincere, cats do not have the insecurities dogs do, and they do not need to be loved. The love you are given by your cat is because you earned it and you deserve it and nothing more. So keep him healthy and happy and get him his own cat house to protect.

Author Jennifer Akre is an entrepreneur who runs different online specialty stores providing consumers with products and information on how to furnish and decorate any indoor or outdoor space. Whether it's your living, bedroom, or even your deck or patio, there are many tips you can use to make those spots both practical, appealing to the eye, and cozy for your kitty. Today, she offers advice on how to create a fabulous outdoor or area perfect for your companion using sturdy cat furniture or practical dog supplies. Each is a must have for your pet.

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