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Cat Houses - They Have Really Evolved Over the Years

Did you ever expect that one day that basic cat houses would evolve into what they are today? When they first came out they were little more than a box covered in material with holes on the side allowing your cat to enter. Since then, they have evolved into intricate designs that have a whole industry based around them. One indication that they aren't what they used to be is that they are often referred to as cat condos.

Many different styles are available in a wide spectrum of shapes and colors. Apart from a traditional option, there are others that almost look like art pieces rather cat houses. A new trend developing within the industry is wooden options. Wooden ones almost appear to be more like a dog house. The options that are currently available are those crafted from pine or cedar and are commonly used outdoors. If an indoor version is what you're after, don't worry, there are many products to suit your cat's needs.

First, before actually purchasing one you must determine your pet's needs in order to choose the proper style of one. Your cat's breed and size are the most important things to remember when starting the process of buying one. Certain breeds are privy to instinctive behavior and better suited for one particular style of this furnishing. This may not be the only thing to consider either. The size of your cat house should largely depend on your cat's sleeping patterns prior to buying. The best thing to do would be to observe your cat to the best of your ability, to find out where your cat likes to rest. If your cat generally likes to sleep or rest off the ground it will probably prefer a one that is as well. If your cat usually sleeps in a cool area of your home, you'll probably want to get one that has enough ventilation so your cat is comfortable.

There are enough cat houses in the market to please even the pickiest of customers. If your budget doesn't allow for an elaborate selection, there are always less expensive alternatives that, if researched with the proper care, will satisfy your pet. Cat condos are increasingly growing in popularity. A cat condo is a more elaborate version of a regular option.

Cat houses or condos, come in many different shapes and usually have 1 to 5 levels. Cat condos are the best type of option for owners that have multiple cats. They usually have a lot of compartments for your cats on one or more levels, allowing for more than one cat to utilize it. This is especially practical for pet owners looking to purchase ones for more than cat on a limited budget.

If you want to save money, simply buy cat houses or cat condos that one, two, or more cats can share. Do your best to select the appropriate one for your cat because if you don't, then your cat will end up not using it and that would be a waste of money.

Author Jennifer Akre is an entrepreneur who runs different online specialty stores providing consumers with products and information on how to furnish and decorate any indoor or outdoor space. Whether it's your living, bedroom, or even your deck or patio, there are many tips you can use to make those spots both practical, appealing to the eye, and comfortable for your companion. Today, she offers advice on how to create a fabulous outdoor or indoor area for your pet by using sturdy cat furniture or practical dog supplies. Either would be a nice purchase.

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