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Cat Jumping Behavior Problem Explanation From the Experts

Cats are agile and can leap up to five times their height. They like to be in high places to survey the world. Many cats explore off limits areas when their owners are not home. If your cat is jumping up on places he should not, you can easily train him to stay off those areas.

So, what are the causes for cat over jumping? Cats are curious and like to explore. Many jump on things to get a better view of the room or to reach a window where they can bird watch. If your cat is jumping onto the bookcase or chair to look out the window and you do not mind, that is fine because there is no need to correct him.

But if he is jumping on the dining room table during dinner or leaps onto the counter while you are cooking, that behavior should be corrected.

Cats often jump onto places because there is a reward in it for them. If your cat has jumped onto the counter before and found a piece of lunch meat or cheese, then he is going to return to the counter to see if there is another reward waiting.

Some owners inadvertently create bad jumping habits in their cats. For example, if you let your cat sit on the table when you are paying bills, he will think he can go there all the time, including when you are eating.

If you do not want him to jump on the table, do not let him up there at all. If you let him up there sometimes, you will encourage the bad behavior and confuse him about the rules and what is expected of him.

Be consistent because if you decide to make something off limits, it must remain off limits all the time.

If your cat has a problem behavior such as play aggression, teach your children to leave him alone unless he approaches them for attention.

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