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Spaying and Neutering Cats - Price

The spaying and neutering cats price can vary tremendously from state to state and even between neighbouring areas. Your location is not the only factor which will affect the cost.

The spaying and neutering of cats is desperately important, particularly with regard to feral cats. There is a tremendous overpopulation at present with millions of cats living on the streets and the shelters full to overflowing. The population of unhomed cats is growing faster than they can be re-homed. For this reason it is very important that the spaying and neutering cats price is affordable by all owners. There are some dedicated people who are not regular cat owners, but have taken on the responsibility of caring for a colony of feral cats nearby. These kind hearted folk forego many of the pleasures that we associate with keeping a cat such as the affection and fun and loyalty. They get little back in that way from their animals. What they do get is a very hefty bill from the veterinarian when they have a whole colony of cats to spay and neuter. For this reason there are a variety of payment schedules and feral cat spaying and neutering is often cheaper than that for a domestic cat. This is a great step in the right direction when it comes to controlling the numbers of street cats.

There is no fixed sum when it comes to a spaying and neutering cats price. It will vary from one veterinarian to another and a whole range of other variables. The size of the cat will make a difference. This is mainly due to the anaesthetic required. The sex of the cat will be a factor; the operation for a female cat is more involved than for a male and so therefore the cost is usually higher. The age of your pet may make a difference too. A usual amount to pay would be in the region of $60 to $70 for spaying and $50 to $60 for neutering.

In some areas you may find a spaying and neutering cats price as low as $20. This is a great price and does have some conditions attached. For example you must a resident in that area and have proof of your address. Other schemes will provide a cheap service for households on a low income and proof of this is required. As I mentioned earlier, if you are responsible for a colony of feral cats, or indeed have trapped one in a humane trap, a service will be available in most areas whereby the cat can be spayed or neutered sometimes free of charge. Sometimes you will find that vaccines will also be available. Very often such a service will require the ear to be tipped so that it easy to see that the cat is not fertile.

Although it is easy to get a reasonably price spay or neuter for your pet, it is also easy to be overcharged. There are reports of some practices charging as much as $200. Be warned and make sure that you know what is included in the costs and do not forget to consider such extras as pain killers.

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