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Cat Litter Box Not Working? Pet Going on Bed and Elsewhere?

If you know that your cat is not ill...

Maybe it's the litter box, why should it be, you say. Hmm, let's see.

Are you aware that most boxes are the wrong size?

Your pet propels what's in the box to the outside. It urinates over it, around it, on the walls adjacent to it. There's no way it can be the litter box, something must be wrong with the cat, right?

Is it attempting to communicate in the only way it knows how, that whoa...something is wrong here, I need help, fix it please.

Lets use the process of elimination to help determine what your feline friend wants you to know about its personal toilet.

a. Is it cleaned often enough or too dirty ? Who wants to smell and walk on stuff that should be removed? Would you?

b. Is the placement away from noisy appliances, air ducts, furnace or anything that may frighten it?

P.S. a dark closet is a no no as proper placement.

c. Could the kind of litter be the problem? Is it one that your kitten doesn't like?

d. Could the size of the box be inadequate? Are the sides really high enough to keep stuff in? Is there room for it to easily walk around inside and properly cover things up?

In summation, most of your litter box problems may be related to the size and type of the box and not a problem with your kitty. Therefore, one should evaluate your present box and make any necessary changes.

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