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My Spiritual Friend - Misty

On a cold morning in March 2008, as I was on my way to catch a bus to work, I slipped on a patch of ice and broke my right arm. After taking myself to a local emergency room and coming home in a sling and pain pills I came home and crawled into bed to wait for my husband to come home. In all my 50 years I've never had a broken bone in my body, so the pain was intense, and new to me. As soon as I was settled, surrounded by pillows my cat, Misty came on the bed.

She knew something was wrong because I was home before my usual time coming home from work. She circled round and round finally settling next to my broken arm. She gently licked my hand and started rubbing my arm purring away. Although I could not pat her, she stayed with me until my husband arrived home for work shortly after midnight. During this time I lie there contemplating how I was going to get things done with only one arm in use. For the next six weeks as I tried to do small things around the house, Misty would follow me just like I was one of her own kittens. She would sit outside the bathroom while I showered, she'd stick her head out of our apartment door if I went for a walk down the hallway. It was like she was making sure I was OK.

During my long hours in bed as I recovered she was a constant companion to me. She never left me to eat or go off somewhere else to sleep. She purred softly to me hour after hour will I was there. At night after Steve came home she'd go off to eat, then come back to bed and snuggle between us. As I became stronger, I moved to the couch and Misty came to. It amazes me that she would spend 12-13 hours a day next to me, looking at me with those big green eyes. Licking my hand and gently rubbing my arm. All the time I was grateful for her attention and love.

Other times in my life when I'm feeling down, or confused it's almost like she senses this and will appear out of nowhere to comfort me. This unconditional love is one I am truly grateful for.

karen mckee-proud pet owner of Misty

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