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Cat Litter Box Reduced Tracking - A Litter Box Accessory

Strange as it may seem the cat litter reduced tracking items are called litter box accessories and are sold along with scoops, sprays and other such items. These mats and carpets are vital to keeping the area around your cat's(s') litter box clean especially if the litter box is in an area you share with it. If your cat's litter box is in the bathroom that you share with it you know it's no joy to get up in the morning, to brush your teeth, and have your bare feet step on litter. It's really not just the litter that clings to the cat's paws that is tracked but also the litter that the cat uses to cover its waste. Some cats very aggressively dig in the litter to be sure the waste is covered completely and in the course of doing so they spray litter all over the floor. There are several kinds of cat litter reduced tracking products you can choose from and we will cover three of them here.

Tufted rubber mats come in both half circle and large oversize for under a large litter box. These mats are sturdy and do an excellent job of cleaning the litter from the cat's paws as well as catching the litter that the cat sprays around the bathroom in its aggressive housecleaning. In catching the litter that is sprayed out of the box this mat does a very good job of trapping it and protecting the floor. These mats, in spite of their large size, are attractive and reasonably priced between $12 and $18.

Another cat box litter reduced tracking product is the scented linen mat. A soft fabric, it keeps the area around the litter box clean and odor free. In addition, it keeps the litter from scattering and whisks away the moisture carried from the litter box. It has a non-slip backing, as do most area rugs, keeping the mat in place. This mat can be washed and dried in your home laundry. The price range is somewhere about $12.

Last but not the least of the cat litter reduced tracking systems is the polyethylene mat considered to be the toughest and best of them all. It is extra large to fit under the largest of litter boxes (it also comes in the regular size) and although it is not green in color its pile looks like grass. It has the look of a shag rug where the pile stands up straight. Because of its stiff pile this mat is supposed to do a better job of cleaning the cat's paws than all other mats. The price range for this mat is about $10 for the regular size and about $16 for the large size.

No matter which system you decide to buy be sure that your cat approves of it. Some cats do not like certain types of materials under their paws but, .most cats would approve of the carpet type pile.

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