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Rules For Your Cats

In general people adore cats and consider them cute members of their families, but in order to have a healthy cat you should keep some elementary and easy rules.

First, you should keep cats away from electrical wires. Pay attention to substances that can coat electrical wires! The hair spray or other inedible product could poison your cat. Sprinkle vinegar instead. In order to keep cats away from electrical wires you can simply make a paste using vinegar and cayenne pepper and apply it to the wire. Moreover, in order to prevent your son kitten break the telephone or any electrical wire, soak a cloth in vinegar and pass it on the wire. Your cat will soon give up playing with these wires.

Keep Cats away from Plants in the Garden

In order to keep cats away from the garden you may simply spread moth balls to the desired location. The smell generated by them should discourage cats get closer.

Keep Away Cats that Like Chewing

When the cat likes chewing electrical wires spray a small amount of fixative high enough above it. It will be quickly associate the inconvenience to the location and it will not come back there anymore. Alternatively you can spray hair fixative on the wire. The bitter taste of the fixative will chase away cats.

Prevent the Cat Hunt

To prevent your cat bringing in field mice or dead birds, hung a bell in its collar. The sound of the bell can scare the prey and hunting is therefore prevented! No more unwanted gifts reported by your cat.

Prevent Odors in the Cat Litter

To avoid unpleasant odors in the cat litter, you can sprinkle dry lime there. You can use lime on sale in stores and used on farms because it is not toxic to animals.

Cat Litter

The cat litter takes too much space in the bathroom or it is simply too showy? Here is an easy suggestion if you have a closet or wardrobe at the center of the house: Just make a hole in the bottom of the door and install the litter just behind the hole, if the litter is kept clean, there will never smell and the litter is no more visible.
You can also buy a small door that can be found in pet shops.

Prevent the Cat From Eating Plants

If your cat eats your plants and this makes you mad you can put a substance that the cat does not like on the contour of the pot or in order to keep your beautiful plants away from your cat, especially spider plants that seem particularly lovable for cats, put some fresh orange peels on the ground. The orange smell chases cats away.

Prevent the Cat from playing with your Fitness Equipment

Cut into two a plastic bottle of 2 liters, like Coke, or Pepsi bottles. Fill it with water and you put it in on your fitness equipment.

The cat that respects water spots will not come to dirty this place!

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