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Cat Shows Tips From the Experts

There will come a time in your cat's life when you will have to take him on the road, such as when you need to bring him to the vet's office, but what will you do with him when you go away on vacation? It is a good idea to think about the arrangements you will have to make if you travel or go away to visit friends or relatives.

Some owners travel with their cats to and from cat shows. If you have never thought about showing your cat, this guide will give you a brief introduction into the world of cat fancy and give you tips on traveling with your feline companion, wherever your journey leads you.

Cats have been on display to the public for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians admired their grace and elegance, and that fascination has continued until today. Cat clubs and cat fancier organizations hold local, state and national shows.

If you would like to show your cat, attend a few events to see if you like them. Many experienced enthusiasts will be there to answer your questions about how the cats are judged and what the different show classes are. Before you whisk your cat or kitten to his first show, ask yourself if he is a good candidate for it.

So, should you show? Showing your cat or kitten can be a fun and rewarding experience, but only if it is something your cat feels comfortable doing. Not all cats have the right temperament or personality to be a show cat.

If your feline is very outgoing, even tempered, and not upset or made nervous by unfamiliar places, loud noises, or strangers handling him, he will do well at a show. Show cats need to be complacent and unfazed by the commotion, noise, and goings on around them.

Most cats who are entered in shows are pedigreed. They are judged against how close they come to the breed standard, which is a specific written description of what the ideal cat in the breed should look like.

It includes detailed information about height, body shape and size, coat and eye color, markings and tail length.

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