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How to Solve Cat Behavior Problems Like the Experts

Some cats like to forage in the garbage can and eat leftovers. Aside from being messy, this habit can be dangerous. Your cat may accidentally come into contact with cleaning products or other poisonous substances, or he could eat bones that could splinter.

If you catch your cat in the garbage, do not rub his face in the trash. Clap your hands loudly and say no. Pick him up and move him to another room. To keep your cat out of the trash when you are not around, make sure that the garbage can lid is securely attached or buy a lid that he can not open.

You can also move the garbage can to a pantry under the hallway or place it in a cabinet under the sink. Another solution is to empty out the garbage before you go to bed. Most garbage picking adventures occur in the middle of the night.

Although behavior problems can be frustrating, do not give up on your cat and decide that he is not worth the time or effort to make him well again. Most cats turned into animal shelters have been given up on by their owners because they have a problem.

Cats do not misbehave out of spite, they may simply just be doing things that seem natural to them. Cats will often misbehave to get your attention. A sudden bout of unwanted behavior could be an indication of a medical problem. Cats who do not get enough play or interaction with their owners can become bored, restless, and develop behavior problems.

Sadly, these cats are often considered unadoptable and are never given another chance at life. With a little patience, understanding, and reinforcement, you can modify your cat's behavior problems and restore harmony to your home.

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