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Cat Wormers and Other Cat Medications

Dogs are the common house pets by many but as years pass, more and more people are recognizing that cats can be good house pets too. Decades may have proven these but it is only recently when medicative treatments have been invented to save the health of cats and other felines. One is the cat wormer which has saved hundred lives of the cats.

Years ago, cat wormers are only available in syrup but as the demand for an easier administration procedure of this treatment grew through the years, medicine manufacturers have develop suspension, tablets, spot on, and paste. Let us tackle these one by one and see which can be the most appropriate for your cat.

Liquid cat wormer. Liquid cat wormer is the most preferred type of medicine in worming cats. This is for the reason that some can be readily mixed to the food of the infected cat without any flavors added. Some of the varieties also have palatable taste to induce the cat to take the medicated food.

Suspension and tablets cat wormer. Suspension and tablet cat wormers are available in chewable tablets which can be digested easy by the cat. This offers convenience as the medication does not need to be measured up because it is in the tablet form. Dosage can be on the quantity of tablets that should be taken for the time intervals.

Cat wormer paste. This type of wormer is effective against all types of worms. This is easy to use as you only need to place the nozzle inside of the cat's mouth and squirt it inside.

In deciding on which form of cat wormer should you take, it is wise to take the advise of a veterinarian. It is also a pre-requisite that you bring your cat with you, so as the vet may see the actual health condition of your pet. Sometimes, it is not only one parasite that infects the animal. Most often some parasites go along together. In such case, medication that addresses both infections must be administered so as to completely treat your pet.

One of the factors that can be linked to these infections is the unsanitary and unhygienic environment conditions. It is a must that you also check the cleanliness of the area to avoid possible diseases and infections not only to your pets but also to your health as well.

Cat wormers vary depending on the severity of the infection and the disease. In choosing the form of cat wormer to be administered, consult your vet and follow thoroughly the instructions indicated for easier and effective treatment of your cat. It is not enough that you ask suggestions to your friend or consult the internet. It is best to have an authority to treat and restore the health of your cat.

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