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Cat Litter Box Training - How to Encourage Faithful Little Box Use

It is very natural for cats to bury their waste. For this reason, a litter box is a very good option for it since it can dig the litter, excrete and cover it. Because of this, you do not essentially need to train your cat similar to the way you train your child with regard to its waste management. This natural way will ease a lot of work for you. Litter box is always the best choice for your cat's toilet; there are many problems associated with other modes of toilet.

Although most cats are instinctively driven to make use of the litter box, but you can also litter train stubborn cats. Whether you have a new untrained cat that is not familiar with toilet habits or an older cat who may be avoiding to make use of it anymore, you have many ways to develop the litter box usage amongst them.

To begin with, you must have fixed feeding time for your cat. This will help you to know when your cat needs to use the toilet since mostly they feel the need few minutes after eating. In case if you have an older cat, it would be not so easy to ensure its potty timings. Still, you can observe its habits for a few days and it would help you to make a guess eventually. Younger cats should be feed 3-4 times daily and 5-15 minutes after it is done, you should provide it with a litter box. If it displays rigid behavior, you will have to work with patience and place it again and again in case if it does not remain in the box. Dealing with it in a lovable manner will help. If you would show annoyance, it would do no good; in fact, it might get scared and run around the house. Shouting on this bad behavior may also build negative emotions within it and it may never want to use the litter box. So deal with the situation vigilantly. Once it uses the litter box, it is advisable to show her love or to reward her with some tidbits.

Another essential aspect to keep in mind is that the litter box should be of the appropriate size so that your cat fit in it comfortably.

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