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Cats' Body Language

Just as the body language of human beings can convey their emotions and thinking, similarly you can know your cat's thinking by observing its body language. Observing your cat is essential to keep it healthy, for giving it meals, and for its toilet habits since it cannot speak and convey to you as to what it wants by words.

When you observe her body language, its ears and tail say a lot. She speaks mostly through these two mediums. If you notice your cat is displaying unusual body language which you are not able to study, it is advisable to take it to a vet for in such cases, the reason is mostly medical.

Upon hearing some unusual sounds, cats' ears stand erect as they are very sensitive to sounds and slight movements around them. You can read the hot temper when your cat is about to fight if it sits with its head lowered, staring down its nose, staring at some other cat or dog. This is an alarming sign and tells you that it is about to attack something. In case if the tail is puffed, it is also a sign of anger and an indication of its attacking mode.

You can know if your cat is happy if it plays with its own tails or some objects around it. Its tail stands erect if it is happy. It will hop here and there; rub her body with yours or other objects. You will notice her happy body language especially some time after the meal. It feels relaxed and satisfied and is in the right playful mood.

Sad mood of your cat can be known if its tail is drooped. It is also a sign of bad health condition and you need to take it to the vet immediately.

The better you become in studying the body language of your cat, the more expert cat owner will you become. You can find some cat body language pictures on the internet or in magazines which can help you to learn a lot on the various signs of the body language of your cat.

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