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How to Remove Cat Urine and Dealing With Cat Urine Smell

It often happens that cats would not use the litter box or toilet and pee outside. This can happen due to many reasons including behavior or training problems or some medical issue. If the smell of the urine annoys you, you can do certain things to do away with it. But one thing that you must remember is that the solution of the issue is not just removing the urine stains or the smell as how long can you continue to tackle with it this way. You need to know the reason behind this toilet behavior and put an end to it from its root.

The particular reason for this behavior is medical. It happens because of urinary tract infection in the cats. In this case, you need to take your cat to a vet. If your cat has not been properly toilet trained, it may pee outside the litter box. You need to make sure it has been trained properly. Other than this, if your cat is old, it may not bother to wake up to the tray. The solution is to put the tray near to her bed.

If the urine of your cat soaks in your carpet, it will give out very bad odor. You may simply clean it but the smell of the urine does not go away this easily as it forms crystals in the carpet. One of the best ways to treat cat urine smell is to use white vinegar. Once you soak up the urine from paper napkin, put a little white vinegar in water and form a mixture. Then, apply this on the stained area and rub it for a while. Let it dry. After drying just use warm water and rub it a bit. After it dries up, it is recommended to use a pet odor neutralizer of good quality. You can easily find these from pet stores.

Although this is the best and most effective solution for treating cat urine, there are many other ways to do this also. You can find a lot of information on the internet if you would like to opt for some other remedy. One thing you must keep in mind is that never use anything with ammonia for this purpose. This is because the urine itself contains ammonia and it can draw your cat to pee on the same place again.

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