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Custom Cat Beds

Buying custom cat beds for your beloved pet is not a straightforward task. There is a huge variety on the market and you are going to be spoilt for choice. The main thing that you have to remember is that the bed is going to be for your cat and not for you! This may mean that you will not necessarily end up with the one which is the most aesthetically pleasing for yourself but, hopefully, with the one which will suit the needs and comfort of your pet.

Cats are very individual animals and it is rare that you will come across two with the same character, likes and dislikes. For this reason it is not possible to generalise and say which of the many custom cat beds is going to be the most suitable for your particular feline friend. Some cats will prefer to be snuggled up in a cosy style, comforting bed, whilst others will be more at home being able to see what is going on around them. Indeed, some cats will not use a bed but would rather be left to relax in one of several chosen spots.

If you live in a cold area, or have an elderly cat that is prone to being chilly, there are some custom cat beds on the market which will fix onto a radiator. These are often constructed of a man made sheepskin substitute which fixes onto a metal frame forming a sling style bed. If you have your radiator on high for much of the time, you may find that these become too warm for some pets. Others, however, relish the heat.

Some cats are a little nervous and jumpy, especially at nights, and will often find it difficult to settle and relax. If this is the case with your pet, they may find comfort in one of the many nest style beds. These are often produced as custom cat beds in a variety of colours and can sometimes be made to order using some left over soft furnishings to co-ordinate with your room. As they are usually around 18 inches and in a cube or semi-spherical shape, they are quite a significant addition to a room and it is good to be able to have one that is in keeping with your other soft furnishings. These will make a nest for your cat and keep them secure and comfortable feeling as there is only one relatively small entrance way. Many of these will have a removable inner lining which can be washed easily.

If you have the type of active cat that loves to climb and explore, they may get a lot of enjoyment out of one of the custom cat beds that includes a climbing tree with a variety of platforms. One of these platforms can house a cushion style bed from which they can keep an eye of their surroundings. If you have a young cat these are ideal. They can be fitted into the corner of the room and make an attractive focal point, particularly when the cat is in residence.

Whichever of the custom cat beds you decide to buy, always consider your pet first and foremost. It is, after all, your cat that will be living there.

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