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Tips For Dealing With Kitten Teething

They actually become the main urge for your pet. During the teething phase their favorite objects to chew on are made out of wool. It is unclear why they prefer wool during this phase, but they get relief from sore gums when they chew on wool.

The first teething period begins when your cat is two or three weeks old, and similar to they way humans get their teeth, the canines and the incisors are the first to emerge. The whole teething period including the milk teeth and the adult teeth spans no more than seven months. This is the average age for teething in the animal kingdom.

Adult teething generally takes place between three and six months of age. This stage is very stressful for your pet. Therefore, you should not be stunned if your cat accidentally bites you. Giving your pet a firm object to chew on such as a plastic or rubber toy can help relieve the pressure. If using your children's toys doesn't do the trick, you can always try special teething toys designed for kittens.

Many cat owners report a wide range of dreadful symptoms during the teething phase. For instance, your cat may have difficulty swallowing or even refuse to eat food. Under these conditions it's best to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible. You should also apply a gel or powder on the cat's gums to provide comfort and relief from his or her symptoms.

Homeopathic granules can calm your pets and enable them to eat as comfortably as possible. This will also protect the objects in your house from chewing. There is a possibility that your pet will display strange behavior patterns during the entire teething period, but the behavior should return to normal when the skin on the gums breaks.

You can also make use of the teething period by training your cat in good oral hygiene. Many cats must be taken to the vet for their teeth to be cleaned. If you manage to get the cat accustomed to brushing during the teething period, there should be no problem turning it into a regular habit. Your cat will accept the brush more readily because it relieves pressure in gums due to the teeth eruption.

Hope these tips help you and your new found kitten during those challenging days of teething. Rest a sure these phase doesn't go on forever, but enjoy every minute.

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