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Different Types of Cat Breeds

For cat lovers, it is essential to know that there are multiple cat breeds that can be domesticated. No doubt, cats are lovely pets and can easily be trained to fit in your home environment. There are a number of cat breeds; you can surf the internet and find out in detail about each and then decide which one you like best to be your companion.

Some of the most popular breeds are as under:

Maine Coon: These are American natives and have long hair. They were given the status of a proper cat breed in Maine State. They are famous for their mouse catching skills. Maine coon has no issues with adjusting in severe winters and other seasons of the area. They are known for their high brains, gentle temper, and affectionate nature. They also easy get along with children. They do not have many problems adjusting with dogs as well.

Ocicat: This is a spotted breed of cat. It is a moderate type of agouti spotted cat; it has been interbreed with the American Shorthair, the Siamese, and the Abyssinian. The interesting thing is that it is the only domestic breed of cat which is spotted and resembles wild cats. It may look wild but it has a very gentle attitude. It can be easy trained owing to its intelligence and smartness.

American Bobtail: This breed of cat is unique for having a natural bobtail. They are found in large and medium sizes. They are well built and strong in disposition. They also have beautiful coats which are water resistant and pliant. American Bobtail is also one good option for adoption since it is very adaptable.

Chartreux: They have deep chest, broad shoulders and a robust statures. They are strong and known for their great mouse catching skill. Because of their thick undercoat, they give the impression of sheep. They get attached to their owner very quickly.

Persians: The Persian cats are surely the most admired breeds of cats. Owing to their moderate and cute personalities, they are very adaptable. They have large and expressive eyes. They require good cleaning owing to their thick cost. Persians are available in a variety of colors.

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