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How to Introduce New Cat to Your Cats

It has been observed that most cats are territorial creatures and they are not very comfortable with new creatures around them. They are also possessive about their owners and do not appreciate if an intruder would disturb the relationship. For this reason, if you have to bring a new cat in your home, you need to consider a few factors straight away to avoid any hassle in the future. You need to give a proper introduction to it in this situation.

It is advisable that if you have to buy a new cat, you should opt for a kitten instead of an adult cat because kittens are easier to adjust. If one of your cats is younger, it is better for their harmony and the chances of mishaps will be fewer. You should also introduce both the parties slowly ad gradually instead of a sudden exposure. You must ensure your old cat is away when you bring the new kitty in the home for the first time. This will provide you with opportunity to set the new bowl and tray for the new cat. After the new one settles in the house noticeably, you may let the other one be out. You must not ignore the old cat as it can build rivalry and make it upset.

You need to be vigilant as far as observing the reaction of both the cats is concerned. If they seem to be fine with each other soon, you don't have much to worry about. But if they do not, they need more time and you will need to more patience in this case.

You also need to make your resident cat becomes familiar with the smell of the new kitty. It is advisable that you should swap their bowls or trays during the first few days so that they become well acquaint with one another's smells. Once they get used to each other, you may allow them to mingle and be in each other's place. But remember not to let them be face to face till they are much comfortable with each other at a distance.

The ideal time to introduce them to each other can be during meals. You should place their bowls away from the other but in the same area. Slowly and gradually, they will become comfortable with each other. You need to show equal love to both and give them equal treatment.

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