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Do I Need to Groom My Cat?

As you probably already know, cats are very clean critters. On any given day, you can find your cat washing himself and cleaning his entire body with his tongue. This is a way for your cat to be sure they always look their best and are clean. However, is self cleaning benefiting your cat, or does he still require a bath from you or a groomer?

There actually are several benefits to having an animal that will clean himself on a regular basis. The first benefit for the owner of the cat is the soft and silky fur that does not require much effort on your part. The cat pretty much brushes their own fur while they are grooming themselves. This means they are taking off the dead fur. The benefits for the cat include better circulation of the blood throughout their body and their muscles are being used, so they are toning at the same time. Wouldn't it be nice if we were toning our bodies when we brush our hair?

There are ways that you can assist in keeping your cat clean and well groomed in addition to him or her doing it themselves. For example, brushing your cat will enjoy the full body massage as you are promoting the re-growth of new fur and maintaining the healthy shine of his or her existing coat.

Depending on the length of the fur on your cat can vary the time that is required to fully brush him or her out. You should only use a soft bristled brush when you are grooming your cat. This will make it a pleasant experience as well as a safe one for you and your cat.

If your cat has a long thick coat of fur, you should use a comb that will help you untangle the knots and mats in his or her fur. There are combs designed specifically for cats with long hair. The teeth are very wide, this help to catch the tangles and gently remove them without causing any discomfort to the cat.

You do not have to give your cat a bath once a week because he or she should be covering the cleanliness part pretty well. Although, in is healthy to bathe your cat. This can be quite a daunting task for you, so consider having your vet or groomer do this for you. Typically, a cat does not completely rid itself of the dirt and dead skin cells under the fur. So, he or she will need some help.

If you are taking on the chore yourself of bathing your cat, be sure to use only approved products. You should also be very careful around your cats eyes and ears when shampooing and rinsing him or her. Also, if you have never done this before, you will need to be extremely careful, or you will get scratched and even possibly bitten.

Jasmine Tupniak

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