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Kitten and Cat Care - Caring For Your Cat

Keeping your cat happy requires you to also keep him or her healthy. If he or she is not in good health, it is virtually impossible for him or her to be happy. You know yourself, when you are not feeling well that you are not a happy outgoing person. So, can you honestly expect anything different from your cat?

You should be sure you are feeding your cat the appropriate food for his or her needs. This means, if you are feeding a kitten, it should be fed kitten food and not cat food. Also, as your cat increases in age, it will need to change food types. Senior food for your cat might be the best choice. Always talk to your vet before you change your cats diet.

If your cat is strictly an indoor cat, there are special foods that are designed to meet their needs. Also, you can purchase specially formulated food for cats with hairball concerns or even urinary tract concerns. There are several different types of food designed for specific circumstances for cats. Speaking with your vet will help you in finding the one food that will best meet your cats individual needs.

Make sure your cat goes to the vet on a regular basis. It is important that your cat receives all necessary immunizations and checkups to maintain proper health and wellness. If you frequently bring your cat to the vet for checkups you will have a greater chance of being notified if there is a health related issue that can potentially have ill effects on your fur ball.

If you have any type of concern with the mood of your cat, eating habits, litter box issues or even a difference in the grooming your cat does, be sure to notify your vet immediately. These could be warning signs to a severe health issue. The sooner you are able to get a diagnosis, the sooner your cat can be back to his or her old self.

It is important that you also groom your cat on a regular basis. Brushing him or her once a week or so can give you bonding time as well as a time to check over your cats body. You will be able to notice any unusual bumps and lumps that are not typical. You can also stimulate re-growth of fur and stimulate a shiny coat of fur on your cat.

Although cats despise water, it is important that they get bathed as well. This can be quite difficult for you to do alone. It might prove to be well worth it if you have your vet or a groomer give the bath. Regular bathing eliminates the dead skin cells and dirt from under the cats coat.

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